About us

Ariya the Mermaid
Hello Merfriends!
 Ariya the Mermaid was created by Jamillah Richmond out of a desire to support my almost 4yo daughter and the other little brown girls like her that felt excluded by the mermaid market. If you child LOVES mermaids as much as my daughter does than they too walked around the house pretending to be mermaids, perhaps asking for Ariel's hair? Drawing and painting mermaids that didn't look anything like them. So I sought out to find a product that reflected the beauty and reflection of my child but to my dismay there are none...
Until now!
I saw this as an opportunity to create that which I and my daughter desired, yearn for and needed. A Black mermaid, featuring vibrant colors, a beautiful smile and natural hair to support the need for our children to be represented in the things they love. And for myself; as her mother to show her that she and all of our babies are the dream! They can create whatever they can imagine and not be limited by anything or anyone beyond themselves.
If you believe it, you can & will achieve it!
Thank YOU for believing & supporting this journey <3