Ariya the Mermaid

Mermaid Cloth Diaper

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Exclusive to Ariya the Mermaid is our new cloth diaper cover. The snap in diaper shell is sized for babies from 12-40 lbs. The MerDiaper is versatile in its design so regardless of what insert you prefer; pre-folds, snap in inserts or otherwise this diaper will serve your needs. The art of this diaper and its versatility is that it affords you the ability to use it multiple times before you have to clean it due to spoilage and staining. Picture using it up to 5 times  before having to wash it!

The MerDiaper features two tone design. Solid orange or pink at the bottom with wing to wing print on the top and an added design feature as a surprise.

It features:

  • PUL/ Cotton/ Polyester Outter
  • Tuckable PUL flap
  • Wipeable PUL inner
  • Socket for snap in inserts
  • Can be used as a swim diaper WITHOUT adding an insert

We are committed to quality and supporting sister businesses, as such this diaper is being made by the talented artisan over at Shine Cloth.

 Each diaper is made to order, please allow for 4-8 weeks to ship.


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