Ariya the Mermaid Coloring Page

Coloring Page

Ariya the Mermaid Coloring Page Enjoy your free Ariya the Mermaid coloring page! 

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Who We Are & Why We are Here!

Inspiration Reflections

Hello Merfriends,   My name is Jamillah, I am the mother of a vibrant 4 year old little brown girl and her love of mermaids is what inspired the creation of the Ariya the Mermaid brand. Ariya is the FIRST & ONLY mermaid brand with brown skin on the market today. We have a wide array of items available to you and look forward to introducing more INCLUDING her friends (diverse boys and girls) and elders as we continue to grow and evolve! I believe it is an imperative to ensure that my daughter and all the daughters of the diaspora...

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