Meet the Characters

Meet Ariya

Ariya is inspired by my 4yo daughter. It was her love of mermaids and the lack of representation that led me to create not only this for her, but other children like her who DESERVE to see their reflections. In real life, my daughter is playful, brilliant, mischievous, kind soul that loves dance, art, science, building things and climbing. She has an air of innocence that she uses to her advantage when shes in the mood to get her way. 

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New Character: Meet Qadir

Mermaid Qadir

Mermaid Qadir   Meet Qadir. Each character is intentionally selected to offer the youth something they see themselves in and representation. What makes our brand unique is each character is also representative of a real life person. Their goals, interests, personalities come through each character. Lending insight into the child in real life and the muse of the character. Qadir is a vibrant, mischievous and brilliant 4 year old boy who wasn't convinced mermaids were cool until he saw his likeness. Boys are mermaids too <3   Shop his collection

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